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Women’s Missionary Union

What is WMU?

WMU is a Southern Baptist Organization which was first organized in 1888. At First Baptist, our WMU serves alng side our MPACT ministries. We continue to support missionaries and missions through prayer, giving, and service.

PRAYER- WMU supports missionaries and missions through avid intercessory prayer.

GIVING- WMU supports the following offerings through giving to the Global Mission Fund:

• Lottie Moon (International Offering)

-(Click here for more info)

• Annie Armstrong (North American Offering)

• Janie Chapman (State Offering)

• Evelyn Henderson (Spartanburg Network Offering)

SERVICE- WMU supports living a missional lifestyle through service.

How do I get Involved?

At First Baptist we have the following age-level groups under the umbrella of our WMU:

-Women on Mission (WOM):  This group is composed of adult women of all ages.  It meets once a month, and it is currently meeting. Monthly Information can be found by clicking here.

The MPACT KIDS age-level organizations list below are  not currently meeting due to COVID-19.  We will update the website as soon as they resume.

-MPACT Kids: Preschool Mission Friends (Birth-5k) Meets on Wednesday evenings at 6pm. contact person for this group is Martha Blackstone mblackstone@fbs.org

-MPACT Kids: Elementary (Grade 1-5) Meets on Wednesday evenings at 6pm. contact person for this group is Greg Springsteen gspringsteen@fbs.org

-MPACT Kids: Powersurge (Grade 6) Meets on Wednesday evenings at 6pm. contact person for this group is Greg Springsteen gspringsteen@fbs.org

-On Missions Moms: Our On Mission Moms are moms of preschoolers and young children who seek to use this season of life to instill a love for Jesus and service to others. To learn more check out the Mission Moms webite or facebook page.

Women on Missions Meeting Information

Our December WOM meetings will be held on Monday, December 7th in Cobb Hall at The Bridge.  Our small group meetings begin at 10am, and our General Meeting begins at 10:45am.  Our speaker for the General Meeting will be Ashley Holliday (married to David and Teresa Holliday’s son, Jonathan).  Ashley and Jonathan are on a journey preparing and waiting to “go” and “be His witnesses”.  Anyone who would like to hear Ashley share is more than welcome to join us!  You do not have to be a WOM member. If you would like more information about Women on Mission email Lori Weatherholtz at (weatherholtzlori7@gmail.com) or Susie Elkins at (susiedanny75@gmail.com)

Season of Prayer for International Missions

Day 1



Hundreds of thousands of boys sleep on the streets in Kenya, rejected by their families or seeking their independence for a number of reasons. They’re marginalized, beaten, sexually abused, and arrested. Many Kenyans regard them as worthless and not to be trusted. They call these boys “trash eaters.”

International Mission Board missionary Kristen Lowry and the staff at the Naivasha children’s Shelter in Naivasha, Kenya, see value and worth in the life of each boy. They seek out these boys and bring restoration to families and rehabilitation to broken lives.

If a boy is willing to be rescued, one of the social workers from the shelter schedule a time to pick up the boy from the street and bring him to the shelter. Once there, the boy learns skills, participates in counseling, catches up on education, takes responsibility for chores, and ultimately experiences love and a stable environment.

The shelter is not an orphanage but a place where each child receives personal attention and encouragement, all building to the goal of reuniting him with his family.

Prayer Requests:
  • Pray that Frances and other boys like him will find new life in Christ.
  • Pray that as the boys are reconciled with their families, the families will also find hope in Jesus
  • Pray that God will bless the work of the shelter’s staff as they reach out in love to boys who are hurting.

Day 2



After living in Croatia for maore than 22 years, missionary Eric Maroney has witnessed the reluctance of people to believe the truth of the gospel and has endured their skepticism toward evangelical churches. Only one Baptist church stands in western Zagreb — an area of 250,000 people — where Eric’s team lives and works.

As a church planter, Eric — who serves with his wife, Julie — looks for new strategies to share the gospel. Giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering® supports his efforts. In 2014, he embraced the idea of a radio minstry pitched by a Brazillian ministry partner. The team now includes nine local partners who serve as speakers, translators, and technical support.

The group fills the airways twice a week with a sermon, spiritual songs, interview with believers, and questions from callers. Ratings reported from the radio station’s director show that more than 40,000 people listen to each broadcast. In a country with only 7,000 evangelicals, the number of listeners is significant.

Prayer Requests:
  • Pray that more national partners will choose to be part of sharing the gospel across Croatia
  • Pary that more church plants will result from the radio broadcast ministry.
  • Thank God for the tens of thousands who hear truth from God’s Word each week.


Day 3



Doug Derbyshire goes to many places in Thailand where there are no Christians, and it troubles him deeply. But the lack of a gospel witness in Baan Po troubled him the most.

Four six years, Doug — a medical missionary with the International Mission Board — faithfully visited Baan Po. He brought medical teams from the US to host mobile clinics and tried every evangelism technique he knew, including knocking on countless doors. But there was still no church in Baan Po, and Doug couldn’t let that rest.

So he pulled together another mobile medical team to take the gospel there in January 2020. After he and the other doctors would meet with their patients, a Thai Christian on Doug’s clinical staff would sit down with the patients and say “This is medicine for your body. Now let’s talk about what you need for your soul.”


Prayer Requests:
  • Pray none of the new Christians would fall away from the faith.
  • Pray those who have yet to decide will choose to commit their lives to Christ.
  • Pray for the formation of healthy churches in Baan Po.

Day 4


The small group of men boards a single-engine Cessna. After a two-hour flight, the men land on a small airstrip deep in the Amazon rainforest. From there, they board a boat and settle in for the ride. Their destination, an isolated village of the Akawa tribe, is still more than seven hours away.

Like many tribal people groups, the Akawa are animists who live in fear of the spirits that inhibit the world around them, said Joe Brewster, an International Mission Board (IMB) missionary. He and his team of IMB missionaries and local church planters began working with the small, unreached tribe in 2018.

Joe’s team has a heart to reach them — and partners who share that passion. Edwin Blanco*, a church planter who lives in the Amazon basin, is an organization, he has a burden to reach the Akawa and other isolated tribes with good news of Jesus. He and Joe are partnering for that purpose.

Prayer Requests:
  • Pray for Joe, Edwin and their teams as they share the gospel with Akawa.
  • Pray that many members of the Akawa will come to faith in Jesus.
  • Pray that new Akawa believers will gather into groups and start churches.

Day 5


Throughout their 175-year history, Southern Baptists have maintained an uninterrupted witness among the nations, in spite of famine, war and civil unrest. This commitment has not come wihtout sacrifice.

About 60 missionaries and children have died because of tragic circumstances while serving with the International Mission Board (IMB) since the organization’s founding in 1845, when it was known as the Foreign Mission Board. The causes include accidents such as drowning, automobile and aircraft crashes, and ships lost at sea. They also include deaths as a result of war and criminal or terrorist acts. In some cases, the missionaries were targeted specifically because of their faith or missionary service.

Of those 60, more than 20 IMB missinaries lost their lives “as a result of human hostility in a cross-cultural setting,” according to Scott Peterson of th IMB global research team. While the IMB does not typically refer to or describe personnel who died in active service as “martyrs”, the sacrifice of those who died while serving cross-culturally is no less significant than those who were targeted specifically for their faith.

Each life given is a sacrifice because of a life lived in obedience to Christ.

Prayer Requests:
  • Pray for these two churches as they reach the Vietnamese community in South Carolina.
  • Pray for God to provide a church planter to lead a new Vietnamese work in the midlands.
  • Pray for an existing church in the Columbia area to serve as a sponsoring church for this new work.

Day 6


The Worthy family recognizes the importance of investing in relationships in Italian culture. For more that 17 years, Charlie and Shannon have invested their lives amid ministry in Italy as International Mission Board missionaries.

Working alongside Italian and US partners, the Worthys bring the gospel to areas of Italy with little to no evangelical witness. Whether leading a group of students, a group of Baptist state convention executives, or a church group, they strategically place partnering groups in areas of Italy where the church does not exist. These partners are able to engage with the people there and create relationships that impact the kingdom for eternity.

As they invest in the people around them, Charlie and Shannon come alongside local Italian church planters to further the spread of the gospel. Partnering local church planters with US groups, they have seen the gospel pierce the hearts of many Italians.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray the Worthys have will continue to build strong relationships in Italy.
  • Pray that many Italians will come to faith in Christ as a result of the Worthy’s witness
  • Pray that the new Italian believers will gather into churches to reach the people of Italy with the gospel.

Day 7


For 20 years, the international Mission Board (IMB) fought to maintain a gospel presence among the Khaleela*, a Muslim people group in South Asia.

After years of setbacks, Luciano and Sofia Serrano*, a Christian couple from Brazil, moved to the region. The Serranos partner with Ralph and Lovie Adair*, IMB workers who live in a neighboring area. Through the Serranos’ witness, a women from the Khaleela decided to follow Christ and is now being discipled by Soifa and two South Asian Christians.

The Adairs mobilize local Christians interested in serving among the Khaleela, provide ministry training for sharing the gospel with Muslims, and seek out prayer support for their ministry efforts.

Prayer Requests:
  • Pray local Christians would be bold in sharing the gospel with the Khaleela.
  • Ask for dicernment for the Adairs and the Serranos as they share the gospel and train local Christians.
  • Pray the Lord would send more Christian workers to partner with the Serranos and Adairs.

Day 8


Every day is appropriate to say thank you to Southern Baptists who give generously so that the gospel spreads to all nations. But in this season of giving, showing appreciation seems especially meaingful.

International Mission Board missionary Redi Karr, serving in Rome, Italy, offers his thanks. “I would like to take this occasion to thank our many faithful Southern Baptists who continue to give faithfully to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering®. You will never know the full extent to which your generosity is having [an impact] on the kingdom of God in many places around the world.”


Prayer Requests:
  • Praise God for the continued work of Southern Baptists who have remained committed to reaching the lost for more than 175 years.
  • Ask God to send more individuals and churches who will be committed to the vision of reaching all nations and all people with the gospel.
  • Thank God for sustaining the work of missionaries through all circumstances, including the most recent pandemic.