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Women’s Missionary Union

What is WMU?

WMU is a Southern Baptist Organization which was first organized in 1888. At First Baptist, our WMU serves along side our MPACT ministries. Our current WMU Director is Linda Morgan.

WMU has 6 objectives:

-Engage in mission action and witnessing.
-Pray for missions.
-Learn about missions.
-Support missions.
-Develop spiritually toward a mission’s lifestyle.
-Participate in the work of the church and denomination.

WMU accomplishes these objectives through Prayer, Giving, and Service.

PRAYER- WMU supports missionaries and missions through avid intercessory prayer.

GIVING- WMU supports the following offerings through giving to the Global Mission Fund:

• Annie Armstrong (North American Offering)

• Evelyn Henderson (Spartanburg Network Offering)

• Janie Chapman (State Offering)

• Lottie Moon (International Offering) (Click here for more information)

SERVICE- WMU supports living a missional lifestyle through service.

How do I get Involved?
Get involved through Age-level groups

There are 4 Age-level groups

  • Women on Mission (WOM)
    -For women of all ages
  • MPACT Kids
    For 1st-5th graders
  • Woodlands
    For babies-5k
  • On Mission Moms
    For moms and their preschool/elementary aged children

More information on each group can be found below.

Women on Mission

Meeting Information

Our next WOM meetings will be on Monday, December 5th.

Our small group meetings begin at 10am in Rooms 160, 161, and 162.

Our General Meeting will be from 10:45am-noon in Room 165. We will have our international Mission Study about Philippines. We will have a luncheon after this meeting.

Someone will be at the gym door to let you in from 9:30-10:50am.

For more information contact Lori Weatherholtz at weatherholtzlori7@gmail.com

Future Meeting Dates

  • Jan. -We will not have WOM Meetings.
  • Feb. 20 -Speaker TBA. No Luncheon.

MPACT Kids (1st-5th grade)

Wednesday from 6-7:30pm (during the school year)

“Empowered to Serve” focuses on scripture memorization and empowering kids with a Christian worldview to serve the world starting here in Spartanburg. For more information call the Kid Depot at 699-4308.

Woodlands Preschool (Babies-5k)

Wednesday from 6-7:30pm (during the school year)

“Dig in Wednesdays” focuses on allowing two-five-year-old to spend the first half of the night digging in TO God’s Word and learning through games, stories, crafts, music, and more! Then, they spend time learning about missionaries who are serving God all around the world and how they can share Jesus everywhere they go, too! For more information call Woodlands Preschool at 699-4216.

On Mission Moms

Our On Mission Moms are moms of preschoolers and young children who seek to use this season of life to instill a love for Jesus and service to others. To learn more check out the Mission Moms website or facebook page.

Women’s Ministry


Click Here to visit the FBS Women’s Ministry Webpage

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions

IMB Goal: $185 Million

Church Goal: $225,000

This Years Theme:

Reaching the Nations, Together



to conquer lostness

We grieve over the problem of lostness in the world — the only
problem of eternal consequence. But we thank You for the vision You gave us in Revelation 7:9 of a Great Multitude from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages, worshiping before Your throne one day.

Father, we pray that as we live in the tension between the Great Commission and the Great Multitude, we as Southern Baptists would be faithful to support our missionaries by praying, giving, going and sending.

We are overwhelmed with gratitude that You made a way to reconcile sinners to Yourself. Thank You for freely offering forgiveness to all who turn to You and believe.

We recognize that the way for those who have never heard this good news is through steadfast missionary presence. We are thankful this has been the International Mission Board’s core mission since our inception. Thank You that we, as Southern Baptists, can fuel this mission, together.

God, please fill our 3,500+ missionaries with Your Spirit. Let them not be overwhelmed by the 157,690 who die daily without You. Let them be motivated by the command You’ve given us all
in the Great Commission.



through healthcare

We praise You for healthcare missions and the many doors
You open to the
gospel around the world. We know people need physical healing, but most importantly, they need spiritual healing that only comes from You.

We praise You for the salvation of people in North Africa — people who have heard the gospel because of Christians willing to hold medical clinics. We ask that You continue to work in these villages that are often hostile to Your truth. Hundreds of people come to medical clinics, hosted in churches, with their physical pain and also with spiritual questions. Lord, let them hear and respond to Your invitation for salvation.

Thank You for IMB missionaries Patrick and Anne Stein and their faithfulness to live in a region where they are closely watched by police and religious leaders. We pray that other believers also feel empowered by Your Holy Spirit to continue to witness.

We pray for medical missionaries around the world and for medical professionals who give their time and skills to serve others.



through students

Thank You for the faithful ministry of Jess and Wendy Jennings over the
decades and their willingness to help push back the darkness in the Philippines.

We pray for You to be with each student whose life they impact through Nehemiah Teams. We pray these students continue to see the long-term value of their short-term commitment to serve overseas — like they did with Tatay.

Thank You that Tatay’s eternity was changed when he met a small group of believers committed to reaching his remote island with the gospel. Thank You that at age 81, he celebrated a second birthday — the day he became a believer.

We pray for more churches in the United States to adopt places like Tatay’s remote island. Thank You that a church sent students to the Philippines. Because of their sacrifice, lives were changed.

Please send more students through the IMB to reach the lost.



among refugees

We thank You for the beauty of lives transformed by the generosity of Christians from the tragedy of war. Thank You for bringing Olga and her family into the safety and care of a local Moldovan church. We celebrate Olga and her daughter’s decision to follow You, and we pray they will continue to grow in their faith.

We praise You for Olga’s husband’s change of heart. We pray he continues to encourage his family to recognize the Lord’s protection. We pray for Olga’s other family members who have not made a step of faith. We ask they choose to place their trust in You. As Olga’s grandchildren grow, we pray for a continued thirst for knowledge of the Bible.

We ask that You bless members of Dancu Baptist Church and IMB missionaries David and Shannon Brown as they minister to Ukrainian refugees. We thank You for their generosity and pray You will meet their needs.

Lord, our hearts grieve for the lives lost during the war in Ukraine. We pray for healing and restoration.



in global cities

We celebrate baptisms in Central Asian cities. In one particular city of
millions with so few believers, we praise Your name as hearts open to hear the gospel message and accept it.

Thank You for using unique strategies like social media to open the doors for gospel conversations. Please give IMB missionaries and local believers wisdom and discernment as they engage with others. Let Your words and love flow through them.

We praise You for the young men and one couple who made decisions to follow You and to deepen their relationship through discipleship. Give them a passion for sharing You with their friends and family.

Thank You for allowing Southern Baptists to send missionaries who can equip local believers to serve their communities and start new churches. While millions walk the streets without knowing the Savior, we know You are working in this tourist city and other global cities.

May we be faithful to bring the gospel to the lost in cities around us.



among the diaspora

Thank You for the excitement of new believers like Alex Pokusaev. We praise You that this international student understood the significance of Jesus rising from the grave. Thank You for the power and grace revealed to him.

We pray for Alex, who is from Uzbekistan, as he learns more about You and is equipped to share with others. We thank You for a small church in Arkansas, Immanuel Baptist Church, that is welcoming college students.

May we all notice the unreached people groups in our communities and engage them with the gospel. Thank You for the partnerships between the International Mission Board, North American Mission Board and state conventions in providing resources and training for local churches to reach the nations.

Help each of us to be a part of the Revelation 7:9 vision — a Great Multitude from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages, worshiping before Your throne one day.



through global missionary partners

We pray for the ministry of Hector
Cabrera, our global missionary partner from Cuba serving among refugees in Uganda. We pray for his family in Cuba — for their safety and peace of mind during a time of ongoing turmoil in his home country. We thank You for his church in Cuba and how supportive they are of his family and ministry.

We are thankful for the partnership the IMB has with Hector’s sending agency, Cuba to the Nations. We pray for them to continue sending out missionaries,  specifically more global missionary partners to join IMB teams around the world. We recognize how strategic, cross-cultural partnerships multiply Your efforts as we work toward the Revelation 7:9 goal.

Father, we pray for the believers Hector has discipled — Joshua, Jacob, David and others. We pray for the 34 believers who were recently baptized. We pray for the house churches.
Please strengthen these believers. Grow their faith and help them to make disciples.

God, thank You for Your faithfulness to call, equip
and send Hector to Uganda.



through discipleship

Thank You that You don’t waste any crisis, including the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank You that because of the disruption, Abel and Sarah, South Asian believers, were able to share Your truth with the M-Jo people who had no known believers among them.

We are thankful for the faithfulness of Paul Nations, an IMB missionary. He discipled Nathan, who in turn discipled Abel and Sarah, who eventually reached Stephen with the gospel.

We pray for Stephen. It is hard being the first known believer among an unengaged, unreached people group. Thank You for answering the prayers of the missionaries and believers in South Asia by working in Stephen’s heart and drawing him to faith. Thank You for answering the prayers of all those who pray for You to work among the unreached.

We lift Stephen’s mom to You in prayer. We are thankful that she was the first person he baptized. Thank You that her eternity was changed.

We pray for the 27 families who regularly meet to hear Your Word taught.

In Your name we pray, Amen.