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Sermon Notes

First Baptist Church, Spartanburg
February 21, 2021
Donald J. Wilton

Proverbs 3:5-6; Judges 18: 5-6


1. Good health
2. Wise investments
3. Unmarred relationships
4. Wise counsel
5. Controlled tongue
6. Forgiving spirit
7. Humble attitude
8. Love Jesus



a. Firm belief in Him
b. Confident hope from Him
c. Total lean on Him


a. Acceptance of His position
b. Recognition of His ability
c. Appreciation for His involvement


a. To accept Him totally
b. To rely on Him totally
c. To submit to Him totally


1. To accept God’s purpose
2. To engage Jesus’ plan
3. To relish one another’s friendship




Join the Journey - New Series

When All is Said and Done
February 21, 2021
Dr. Don Wilton

As we go through life, some things become less important and meaningless to us. Other things come to the forefront and we realize their significance to our lives and we come to appreciate them more. As we look back over our journey of life, what legacy will we leave when all is said and done.

Dr. Wilton shares 8 essentials for life and he invites us to trust Jesus, acknowledge Him and depend on Him totally in every aspect of our lives. Sometimes this is very hard to do in our society since His ways are not our ways.  Our relationship with others is a vital need and God puts many people in our pathways that will bless Him and us. Although these are important, the most important need in our lives is our relationship with Jesus Christ.

As you listen to the message and take a look at your life, what is important when all is said and done? God has a purpose for our lives and He invites us to accept this purpose and engage in His plan. He invites us to come to Him “Just as I am” with all our mistakes, struggles, successes, addictions and blessings. How wonderful to know that He will accept us just as we are.











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  • WICKED VILLAGE    Spartanburg was known by many as a "wicked village" in the 1830's, when 25 people formed our church to share the Gospel with its people. Originally, known as "The Baptist Church of Christ At Spartanburg", FBS was the first church of any kind in Spartanburg. Read more about how our church family was born on Page 9.
  • BURNED TO THE GROUND   At our current main campus location in 1962, the church caught fire and burned to the ground? On Page 89, read the personal testimony of the photographer and church member who watched it burn.
  • BREAKING BARRIERS OF RACE, LANGUAGE, & CULTURE    In 1857, years before the Civil War (1861-1865), our church began asking extra time each month from our traveling pastor, John Landrum, to share the Gospel with people of color in the community, despite the prejudice and racism that permeated The South during that time and decades beyond it.  Immediately after WWII, in 1946, our church sent missionaries to spread the Gospel in Japan to the very people some church members fought against in the war.  In 1947, FBS realized the need and began providing worship service interpretation to deaf members of our community. Beginning in 2015, FBS helped plant Spanish-speaking church The Gathering, and created an event called B1: Exploring Unity Together, bringing together leaders of local Hispanic, African-American, and Messianic Jewish congregations to discuss race, culture, and how our faith in Jesus makes us family in Christ. Read more about these subjects on Pages 18, 74, 76, 270.
  • DEDICATED LEADERSHIP    FBS has been uncommonly blessed with faithful senior pastors. Since our church family started, 24 US States have been established. During that time, our church has only had 15 senior pastors total—a handful of whom served 15 years or more. Read detailed bios of each pastor and their ministry throughout the book, with a quick-access index in the back.