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The Unbreakable Promises of God

The Promise of the Only Way It Can
John 16:7-8

Jesus had just announced to His disciples that He was going away. The disciples were perplexed and did not know what they would do without Him. Jesus promised them the only way they could continue living. Often there are times in our lives when we feel just as the disciples that Jesus has gone away from us and we do not know how to make it on our own. We lose loved ones who are so important in our families and in our lives and we do not know how we can cope without them. The truth is we cannot.

Jesus promised His disciples that he would send a “Helper,” the Holy Spirit that would be with us in these situations. Without the Holy Spirit, we are helpless and hopeless. The Holy Spirit also convicts us of our sin and shows us how to live right. What a blessing! Despite all the struggles in this life, we do not have to handle them on our own. We have the gift of the Holy Spirit if we have accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior. That is the first step- give our hearts to Jesus. Then we will be obedient and pray that others will do the same.

Take God at His Word! Claim His promise of the only way live can be abundant. Enjoy the power of the Holy Spirit in your life. Then pray that others will do the same.


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