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Raising Boys and Girls

Sunday, January 23

Guest Speaker: David Thomas

Clarity, New Series

January 16, 2022

Seeking Clarity
Matthew 24:1-4
Dr. Don Wilton
January 16, 2022

On this beautiful snowy Sunday, you are invited to join us in worship as Dr. Wilton continues to share about clarity. Today's message concerns seeking clarity. We are surrounded by opinions and interpretations of spiritual matters through social media, written materials as well as well-meaning spoken words. Confusion abounds so how do we seek clarity and know the truth?

Although Jesus was speaking to the people of His time, the same principles apply to us today. God will give us clarity as He reveals the truth to us through His Spirit. Dr. Wilton shares some principles of the clarity the disciples wanted as well as the clarity they received. Jesus warned the disciples not to be led astray but to look to Jesus and be obedient to what He says. We must do the same especially in our complex world today. 

Are you seeking clarity as you grow in your Christian walk? Where do you go for clarity to the questions you have? Are you swayed by all the opinions of friends or other forms of media that surround you? We are reminded that having questions is all right if we listen to the right people and then trust in the Lord with all our heart and lean not on our own understanding. We will never have all the answers. We face an uncertain future but be assured, my friends, God owns the future and He will give you the clarity you need as you seek Him.


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