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The First Response
Acts 2:14-41
Dr. Don Wilton

Dr. Wilton continues his message on The First Response when Jesus appeared to the early believers who were scared and had fearful hearts after the crucifixion. They gathered together to remain in a rather safe environment. However, God had a different plan - His plan was for the believers to go into other places and stand up for what they had witnessed when the Holy Spirit came upon them as found in Act 2. - even if it meant persecution and possible death.
Of ten it is easy to stay in a group of our own beliefs and feel safe among the members. However, Jesus has a plan for spreading the Good News in our communities, our nation and around the world. Believers are challenged to stand up in unity and explain the same news that was given to the believers on the Southern Steps in Jerusalem.
Are you a believer? Are you responding as a believer to your community? Do people know how you stand because you are focused on Jesus in your daily life? You might be surprised by the amazing results when you share what God has done in your life through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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