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Our pastor shares about a story of friendship and encouragement in a special video about his latest book, Saturdays With Billy.

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May 3 – May 9

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Join us for one of our 3 services each Sunday, Celebration at 9:00 AM in the Sanctuary, or Genesis at 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM in the Hangar. Come and bring a friend! Overflow spaces are available. At First Baptist Spartanburg, we are working in accordance with CDC and DHEC regulations to ensure that you and your family have the safest and best possible worship experience. We look forward to seeing you this Sunday!

If you need to stay home, we hope you'll tune in and worship live with us this Sunday from your home. The live streams and broadcast will not go away! Our prayer is that you will take every opportunity to connect with others through the technology we are so blessed to have so readily at hand.

We are resuming most of our weekly meetings. Keep checking our social media and the content blocks above for updates from our different ministry teams.

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Activities NOT meeting this week:

 Hour of Encouragement


M&M Preschool

Our Weekday Preschool Program is now open. Contact the office at 864.699.4219

We are offering both in person and online counseling. You will find more details here www.fbs.org/newday. If you have any questions feel free to call our office at 864.699.4290 for more information.

During this special time, we have decided to make some changes to the Bridge Operating Hours. We are giving out food at The Bridge on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9 am to 12 noon. Our Wearhouse is open on Monday and Wednesday Mornings from 9-12 for clothing. For Financial Assistance please visit our website to watch an informational video on how to apply. Clothing donations including shoes, belts, purses, etc. are accepted at the bridge Monday through Thursday from 8am-6pm.

We are meeting on campus but observing extra cleaning protocols in order to make sure the facility is is clean and safe for you and your family. We are strongly encouraging masks and social distancing throughout the campus. We observe these precautions for those most vulneable among out church family, but we are Back to Life! Come Join us! 

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    Sermon Notes

    Mother’s Day
    First Baptist Church, Spartanburg
    May 9, 2021
    Donald J. Wilton

    Luke 2: 36-38

    Introduction: Mother’s Day

    Who was Anna:

    1. Daughter
    2. Prophetess
    3. Widow
    4. God follower
    5. Seeker

    How Grandmother lived her life:

    1. She disciplined herself right
    2. She went to the right place
    3. She worshipped the right God
    4. She looked for the right person
    5. She waited with the right expectation
    6. She had the right heart
    7. She said the right things
    8. She gave the right thanks
    9. She shared the right news

    What this grandmother teaches us:

    1. Discipline
    2. Focus
    3. Determination
    4. Perseverance
    5. Worship
    6. Gratitude
    7. Evangelism



    Who’s Your One?
    2 Samuel 9:1-13
    Dr. Don Wilton

    2 Samuel 9 recounts the story of King David’s kindness to Mephibosheth, son of Jonathan and grandson of Saul. On the surface, this seems like nothing major, after all, a king has many resources at his disposal. But woven into the backstory is King Saul’s jealousy of David and attempts on his life, yet David and Jonathan remained best friends. As king, David wanted to do something for a remaining member of Saul’s family to honor his friend Jonathan.

    Is there someone to whom you can show kindness? Perhaps it is a neighbor, who rarely leaves her home, or the person in front of you in line who doesn’t have enough money to pay for his purchases. If people around you are in need, and you’ve been blessed, help them. Beyond that, if you have been friends with someone a long time, but have never had a conversation about Jesus, now is the time. Determine to live on mission, to show kindness to others, and to share your faith without backing down in the face of criticism. Who is your one? What can you do to pass on the grace of God to that person?


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