sCongratulations Class of 2024! We are very excited to celebrate with you as you graduate from High School. We hope that you will join us on Sunday, May 5th for Graduation Sunday. It’s going to be a great day full of excitement, memories and possibly a few tears. That morning we will host a Graduate Family Breakfast at 8am. This is for graduates and their families. The cost is $8 per person, not including the graduate, whom is free. After this, we will head to the Celebration & Genesis Service for a time of recognition. Please be sure to wear your cap & gown that morning, if applicable. Register below for the breakfast or to take part in the service video. We will also honor students through pictures on the screen and a bio handout. Please take advantage of this opportunity to be recognized. We need your help completing the link below to make this happen.

Register here for the Graduate Family Breakfast at 8am. Grads are free!

Sign-up here to participate in the service, have your picture on the screen and your bio on the handout.

In addition to Graduation Sunday, we also have designed three intentional events for Seniors this semester. They will be a way for our ministry to say good-bye and the college ministry to say hello.

The first event is a gathering at Todd Williams house. The second event is a priority event where our team will provide dinner and train the Seniors on making the transition into adulthood. Finally, the third event is a MVMT after party at Top Golf. Golf and food provided by our team.