What Are Life Groups?

We believe in life together. Life Groups are designed to be our Sunday morning Bible study. They are a chance for teenagers to gather with other students around a table and discuss the truths from God’s word in a practical way. Students will hear a message from God’s Word and spend time in a small group with students their age. It is also a chance for you to be encouraged by our adult leaders and staff as you prepare to start a new week!

How To Join Life Groups

We would love for you to be part of a Life Group in our ministry. These groups take place on Sunday morning at 10:30am in the Hangar building. There are two separate groups for High School and Middle School. Each group has their own space designed to facilitate discussion and discipleship. For teaching, you may read more about our curriculum below. For discussion, all of our groups a separated by grade and gender. There are adult leaders who lead each group in this time. If you’re planning to join, here’s not need to register! Simply arrive at 10:30 on a Sunday morning. Our team will help you get connected as you arrive.

What We Teach In Life Groups

As a church, one of our goals in Life Groups is to connect the entire family. We want our children and teenagers to be learning from the same passage each week. We believe this will help facilitate discussion at home. Each week, everyone learns from the same passage, however it is taught and applied in the context of each group. This curriculum is called D6. For more information, click the link below.