Guest Services

Hub Desk Team

Greet people and help them find the appropriate area they are looking for and introduce them to LIFE Group leaders and members.

First Time Guest Tent Team

Greet everyone as they enter the facility, provide them with a copy of our weekly publications, and direct guests to the nearest Welcome Center.

Section Host Team

Function as the greeter/usher/encourager for a “section” of the sanctuary. Greet and welcome people as they enter the Sanctuary or the Hangar Auditorium, provide them with a copy of the Worship Guide for the day, and help those who arrive late to find a place to be seated.

Parking Lot Greeter Team

Greet and welcome everyone as they drive in the parking areas around the church. Direct Guests’ to our “Guest parking area” and guide them to the nearest entrance and Welcome Center.

Golf Cart & Shuttle Team

These are the most popular people on campus. This team assist individuals with particular needs for a ride to designated dropping zones.

Door Greeter Team

Opens doors and provides friendly welcome to everyone who enters FBS.