On October 6, the pastor and some key lay-leaders gave us an update on the “Long Range Plan” for Vision 2020, and how we can pray for the team as they finalize a plan addressing some key needs and vision for our church facilities in 2020.
The basic information is the same, but you can view either the Celebration or Genesis streams below!



  • DOING SOMETHING: Dr. Don made the key point that in our growing community and changing world, we can do nothing more than we are doing, or we could do everything and put ourselves in a tremendous amount of debt, OR we could do something specifically focused on where we see the greatest needs.
  • MEMBER-LED TEAMS: A key team lay-leaders called the Long Range Planning Team has been working on a master plan to address facility needs and concerns for about 2 years. You probably have met multiple members of this member-led team, male, female, young, and senior.
  • FIRST THINGS FIRST: The plan for Vision 2020 is a work in progress, and the team is working actively to address immediate facility concerns while looking to the future and considering the best stewardship of expensive building projects. Their key concern is to not get ahead of God and are asking for our prayer!
  • YOUNG FAMILIES & SENIOR ADULTS: One focus of Vision 2020 is to concentrate on the astounding percentages of young families moving to Spartanburg (according to the US Census Bureau), as well as focus on facility concerns for senior adults, young mothers, and those with physical disabilities.
  • REACHING NEW FAMILIES: Looking at the success of The Hangar, there are ideas about a children’s center that would be a great draw to young families as we do life together and share Jesus with them.
  • PRAY FOR THE SPRING UPDATE: We’re being asked to pray specifically for the teams as they plan to present next steps of Vision 2020 in the spring.