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Gathering Back

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We’re so excited to begin worshiping together indoors. Scroll down to learn more to  Save A Seat, Register Childcare, or Register for Small Group for Kids. All information is subject to change due to COVID, so please continue to check here for updated information.

ReGathering FAQ's

Where do I park, and what door do I enter?

We are asking everyone participating in Preschool or Elementary activities to use the North Parking lots and enter at the Welcome Center.

If you are not involved with Preschool or Children’s ministries, park in the Dean Street and Main Street lots for Sanctuary Worship. If you are worshiping in the Hangar Auditorium, use the Hangar and North Parking lots. Golf carts will continue running with sanitization between uses. Handicap parking is best in the Chapel Parking Lot for Sanctuary access, and the Hangar Parking Lot for Hangar access.

What is the reservation check in process when I arrive? 

You will need to have made a reservation in advance for any of our 4 worship services. Reservations begin at 10 am on Monday mornings for the following Sunday services at (If you do not have access to computer/internet, reservations may be made by calling the church office 864-583-7245.) If you reserve online, you will receive an email confirmation which you will need to show to one of our Guest Services team members as you enter the Sanctuary or Hangar auditorium. If you made a phone reservation or can't find your email, stop by the reservation stations located in the concourse of the Hangar and the front porch of the Sanctuary. If you're checking in children, enter through the north entrance (back parking lot Welcome Center) to drop off your children.  After drop off in the Woodlands or the Kid Depot - check in with the reservation station in the Hub. Check out these explanations of each process:

                  Preschool Video        Kid Depot Video        Sanctuary Video       Hangar Video

Do I have to sign a waiver?

Waivers are not required for worship services. In situations where children are left in our care like Sunday School, Life Groups, Weekday Preschool, Missions trips, Basketball, Bus trips, etc. - the answer is yes. We require every family that participates in these ministries to sign one. One per family. Volunteers that serve in these ministries will be require to sign one as well.

Do I have to wear a mask?

We strongly encourage you to wear a mask inside the building. We do this out of love and respect for all people, especially for the most vulnerable among us.

 Do my children have to wear a mask?

Children under the age of 6 are not required to wear masks anywhere on campus.

Is there childcare?

Yes, by reservation only for Preschool (birth – K5). In order to provide the safest and best care for our children we are limiting room capacities. Visit for more details and to make your reservation. 

What do Elementary age children do?

The Kid Depot is offering Elementary age kids (Grades 1-6) a small group experience at both 9 and 11. Drop off and pick up will be in the Kid Depot. Visit for more details and to make your reservation for which hour your children will be attending. Reservations begin October 5 for October 11. 

So my kids need a reservation as well?

Yes, visit for all the details. 

 Is there an alternative to ONLINE reservation?

Yes, for our senior adults and other non-web participants, you can call the church office 864-583-7245 on the Monday before the Sunday and we will make the reservation for you.

Are there overflow rooms? 

Yes, as we fill the main worship spaces we will open overflow spaces: The Dining Hall for Genesis and The Chapel for Celebration. Reservations are required for these spaces as well.

What if I don’t get a reservation? 

The reservation system is very versatile including the ability to cancel reservations on the morning of worship. In real life, some will discover on Saturday or wake up Sunday and realize they will not be able to attend. As those reservations are canceled they show up as available spaces at which can then be secured as reservations for a place in worship. We are discouraging arriving with “hope” there will be room due to no-shows and cancelations. There is always the opportunity to worship on TV-7 at 11 or online at in both the 9am and 11am hours.

Are greeters showing me to my seat or can I sit anywhere I want?

In the Sanctuary and Hangar we are utilizing every other row. 50% of the pews and rows will be partitioned off. We are asking everyone to practice social distancing between family groups.

 Will an offering be received?

We will have stations to drop off your offering throughout the campus. Deacons will also be available outside of each worship center as you leave the service. You can also continue to give online at

 Is my temperature going to be checked? 

Generally, no, only staff and volunteers will be checked. However, the answer is yes for all entering the preschool and Kid Depot areas. We hope you will check your temperature before you leave home and if you are feeling the slightest bit ill…. Please stay home and worship online or on WSPA TV-7.

Are there sanitation stations? 

Yes, throughout the entire campus and especially in our children and preschool areas.

Are all halls and restrooms open?

Selected halls are open to parents and children, and restrooms are available as well, but our initial focus is similar to the way we have interacted at the park. Let’s fellowship outside and then come in to worship. We will be encouraging everyone to exit the worship centers immediately after church and gather OUTSIDE.

Do Life Groups meet? 

Not on campus on Sunday mornings. Many are meeting on campus throughout the week, some virtually, some in backyards, etc. Contact your Life Group leader for the latest in your group. If you are not already in a Life Group we recommend it highly! As Dr. Don reminds us, we all need 2 AM friends and this is where we find them! Ask about where you can get connected at

 Is the coffee bar open? 

In the future yes, but not quite yet.

Will youth students have a place to hang out with their friends?

Look for the new student ministry tent in the Hangar to hang with friends and catch up with the Student Ministry Staff.

Can I still watch online? 

Absolutely! The TV Ministry is now in its 65th year and provides the opportunity to worship at 11am each Sunday. Our Online ministry is 10 years old and gaining viewership every day. Find all the ways to watch: YouTube, Facebook, Livestream and more at

Can I still go to the park for worship? 

No, Sunday October 4th is the last Worship in the Park for this season.

When do other activities begin?

We will be announcing the additional start dates of activities as they are determined. Details will be online at and you can get weekly updates by signing up for the eblast here

How can I serve? 

Serving is a core value of our church. There are many opportunities from teaching to greeting to media and more. Visit to tell us how you might like to plug in.

Are there people who can show me where to go? 

Yes! We have an excellent team of Guest Services volunteers who will be holding doors and directing you throughout the day. It is their goal to help make your worship experience physically as touchless as possible, so that spiritually the Lord will touch us all greatly!

Will the altar be open for prayer? 

In the future yes, but not quite yet.

Are we singing indoors? 

Yes, with our social distancing and newly installed advanced air filtering system, we believe it is safe to sing in our services.

Are you cleaning between Services?

Yes, First Baptist has a number of systems in place and recently purchased state of the art cleaning systems. They are being used for surface disinfection and cleaning of the buildings all week, but especially between the 9 and 11 am services housekeeping will use our foggers to fog the seating areas.  The chemical is an EPA certified Covid-19 sanitizer. Our HVAC systems in both the sanctuary and hangar auditorium have been upgraded to systems which treat the air as it is circulated in the system.  This has been designed to deactivate the viral pathogens on surfaces and in the air to sanitize the enclosed spaces.   

In this age of Covid 19, any of this is subject to change.




Why Save Seats?

As we begin to transition inside, it’s really important to us to value your safety AND your time. Since safety precautions limit our occupancy in each room, it’s important to know who will be coming so we don’t turn anyone away at the door. If you save a seat, that helps others know that your seat is taken.


Please use our Save A Seat program below! You will get a confirmation email once you register. Sign ups begin each Monday for the following Sunday. Reservations are open now for this Sunday November 1.

If you have questions about entering the Sanctuary or Hangar, join Matt for a walkthrough in the videos below!  


Please register your children (birth-5 years) for Childcare during the 9:00 AM or 11:00 AM Services. Unless you are serving in a church volunteer role during BOTH hours, please only sign your children up for ONE of the service times. Registration is open from 9:00 AM Monday – 9:00 PM Thursday.

Watch the video below from Martha if you want to learn more about entering the Preschool!


Register below for either 9:00 AM or 11:00 AM Small Group for Kids! To learn more about Small Group for Kids, watch the video below from Greg, Todd, and Melody!