Life Groups

What is an adult Life Group all about?

Our mission is “to encourage complete and courageous living in Christ.”  We feel that is best done in small, relational environments, called Life Groups. In Life Groups you can expect to study the Bible, make friends, and live out your faith in an authentic way.

An adult Life Group at FBS:

  • is centered on God’s Word
  • is generally grouped by life stage
  • is a great place to make new friends
  • addresses the challenges of today’s life issues
  • provides caring ministry and support for your needs

How can you find an adult Life Group?

We are proud to offer dozens of Life Groups that meet at 8:30, 9:30, and 11:00 AM on Sunday mornings. We also have some that meet in homes during the week. Each group is different and has its own personality. For instance, some focus on teaching while others like to have discussions. Some groups are large and others are not. Check the information below to find the best Life Group for you.


There’s a group designed just for you! View the list of groups below, or contact

our Minister of Education, Eric Kuykendall, about a group you’re interested in.