Discipleship Information

This area of our ministry is extremely critical. Our discipleship ministry begins at the beginning of each school year and carries on until Summer Break when school ends. We strive to create an environment inside each group that is conducive to spiritual growth, which includes a group of students that is broken up into small groups that are the same grade and same gender and is lead by a group of adult leaders. The unique situation that we have here at First Baptist is that we challenge our leaders leaders to continue and stay with the same group of students from their 8th grade year until they graduate from high school. This vision has created a great opportunity for spiritual growth each and every year. Each fall the student ministry staff uses a spiritual taxonomy that allows us to implement a particular curriculum that stress a certain area of Spiritual Development that we believe is important especially during the student ministry ages. In the spring, we allow each group to pick a particular study that suits the group that they are leading which is approved by our staff first.

We are thankful that you have decided to take a moment and understand the vision for this incredible ministry. If this is something that you are interested in our interested in having your student involved in please do not hesitate to ask. You can reach us at 864.699.4224 Monday thru Friday in the Student Ministry Office in the Hangar here at First Baptist Church.