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On March 6, our church body affirmed Vision 2020 with overhwleming unity. Hear the Vision from our church body, and see the exciting plan that God has placed on our hearts. We believe this is the next step in our mission to reach Spartanburg for Jesus!

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A redesigned East Entrance at Dean Street will include a new ground level covered drop off and lobby. Inside, elevators will travel both to the Sanctuary and two floors of Adult Life Group space featuring beautifully renovated classrooms, bathrooms, and gathering areas conveniently located just behind the Sanctuary.

This renovated East Entrance will facilitate Dean Street parking as the most convenient parking for our Senior Adults and Special Needs members and guests with a minimum number of steps from car to worship and small groups.

Click here for a .pdf of all main building floor plans.

Uniting the new and existing construction on campus is a beautiful new North Entrance facing St. John Street and the north parking lot. The North Entrance will become one of the primary points of entry for families of all ages because of its easy access to the existing Dining Hall, the new Preschool and Children’s facilities, and the exciting new Connection Lobby that allows indoor travel all over campus. As members and guests approach from the north parking lot, they are greeted by a covered drop off, an attractive outdoor green space, outdoor playground, and walkway into our campus. Once inside, steps to the existing Dining Hall, access to the new Education Building, and the south end of campus all immediately come into view. In prayerful consideration of both current ministry outreach and future growth of our campus, the North Entrance displaces the Gym to an exciting new Hangar Family Center intentionally connected to the existing Hangar.

Click here for a .pdf of all main building floor plans.

In the place of the existing gym, the Education Building will have an intentional focus on raising up the next generation, with state-of-the-art security and facilities. The first and second floors will house the Preschool ministry featuring classrooms, a large group assembly, and both an indoor and outdoor playground. The existing preschool building will be dedicated exclusively for our weekday preschool and their outreach. The expansive third floor will be dedicated to a Children’s ministry area with classrooms, a unique gathering space for events, and access to the outdoor playground. An indoor bridge will connect the main building and the Hangar with easy travel to and from Children’s and Preschool areas to the Hangar Auditorium and classrooms.

Click here for a .pdf of all main building floor plans.

The Connection Lobby wraps around the open Education Building with access to stairs and elevators into the Preschool and Children’s spaces. On the west end of the first floor, a welcoming cafe area serves as a connection point for those on their way to the Sanctuary or just up the stairs to the Hangar Bridge. The south end of the Educational Building and Connection Lobby will also have an attractive, open green space and drop off loop.

Click here for a .pdf of all main building floor plans.

The new Gymnasium moving into the current Hangar parking lot will allow us to take advantage of using the Dunbar Street parking garage. This new Gym is the first logical step in an intuitive approach to our buildings. Connecting a gym to the Hangar will allow our Student, Recreation, and Children’s ministries to have a more focused space without having to navigate through a larger building with classrooms and ministry offices. Drop-off points, access ramps, and intentional gathering spaces will make this a natural hangout spot for families of all ages before and after worship services and sports functions.

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