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The Power that Heals Acts 4:8-37

Peter and John were ordinary men, yet people recognized their association with Jesus by their words and actions. They healed and spoke boldly about Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, but encountered opposition, the kind of we sometimes face today for speaking about spiritual things and sharing our faith in Jesus Christ. Peter and John were arrested and warned to stop talking about Jesus, however, they weren’t intimated and said they wouldn’t stop telling what they had experienced. Unlike Peter and John, we often fail to tell others our personal testimony of salvation and life in Christ. Instead, put fear aside and boldly share the life-changing power of Jesus. Let your words and actions identify you as a Christ-follower.


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Remember a Love One with Poinsettias

Click the link below to remember a loved one with beautiful red silk poinsettias this Christmas season. The Poinsettias will be placed on the Sanctuary stage for all services. Orders will be open from November 19–December 3.


Everyone Has a Story

View special video testimonies from our church family. This is a collection of video testimonies about what God is doing right now in the life of our church, and what He has done in recent years.


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