Maybe life has gotten very difficult, or you just need some direction and encouragement. At New Day, our counseling perspective is to integrate clinically based techniques with a biblical worldview. We will do our best to make you feel welcome and safe during your counseling journey.

We Help With:

DIRECTIONAL GUIDANCE & RELATIONSHIPS: Premarital / Marital • Divorce • Career Guidance • Retirement Guidance • Blended Families • Single Parenting • Caring for Elderly Parents

HABITS & CHALLENGES: Addiction • Substance Abuse • Pornography • Eating Disorders • Anger • OCD • ODD

HEALING & RESTORATION: Anxiety & Depression • Sexual Abuse • PTSD • Grief & Loss

& MORE: Every person’s needs are different, and our team is ready to help

Our Mission

At New Day, we are ministers with mental health training. Our counselors have the desire, practical life, and ministry experience, to help you through the struggles or stuck places you may be experiencing in your life and/or walk with Christ.


Our purpose is to address the spiritual and emotional needs that are essential for the fullness of life and preparation for Great Commission involvement. We are created as relational beings, therefore it is important to address our relationship with God, others, and ourselves. This can be identified as Spiritual, Social, and Personal development.


Here are answers to some of the more frequently asked questions. If you still don’t see the answer to your question, then feel free to contact us!

Where is New Day Counseling of First Baptist?

New Day Counseling offices are located @ 123 N. Converse Street. Someone will greet you at the double doors and there is a door bell on the right hand side. This is a secure entrance and is only for those with a counseling appointment. All other visitors should go the First Baptist Welcome Center located on St. John Street directly across from Barnet Park.


How do I make an appointment?

To schedule an appointment, please call 864-699-4290. Your call is completely confidential and will be answered directly or returned by the close of the next business day. Once an appointment is made, an Intake Form will be e/mailed to you to complete online. Please save your completed Intake Form as an attachment and return to nphillips@fbs.org at least 24 hours before your appointment time.


Our calendar is usually filled; we want to be as accessible to as many as possible that request our services. Please notify us at least 24 hours in advance if you must cancel or reschedule an appointment.

For emergency help call 911 or the National Suicide Lifeline @ 1-800-273-8255


Personal information is strictly confidential and will not be revealed unless you, or a parent in the case of a minor (less than 18 years old) give specific written authorization to release information. The office will be discreet if they need to contact you at home or your office. If you do not wish to be contacted at home or the office, let us know so it can be recorded in your records. Please let me or the office know how you wish to be contacted.

How long does a session last?

First sessions are approximately 90 minutes. Following sessions are approximately 50 minutes.

What should I expect on my first visit?

Initial visits help establish a good rapport with your counselor, which is very important. The more relaxed you feel the more likely you are to have helpful communication with your counselor. Encouragement and a strategy for treatment is very important and the first visit begins this process.

What are your fees?

Fees are based upon a sliding scale and are due at the time of your scheduled session. *Resources, books, and curriculum cost will be additional. * If you are unable to pay for a session, please notify the counselor before the session. We can only accept cash or check at this time. *There is no fee for members of First Baptist Spartanburg but there will be a cost for all resources. *

Annual Income           Fee per hour

< $20,000                         $25.00
$20,001 – $35,000           $35.00
$35,001 – $50,000           $50.00
$50,001 >                         $70.00

Can I make a donation to New Day Counseling?

You can support New Day Counseling with an online donation. Just go to https://pushpay.com/g/fbspartanburg?r=monthly&src=hpp. Enter the amount and then choose “Other” in the Fund option and then type in New Day Counseling in the “Memo” option. Thank you for helping us help others.

Do you take insurance?

Not at this time.

Resource contact info:

The Encouraging Word-866-899-WORD (9673)  http://www.theencouragingword.org

The Bridge-864-583-5419   https://www.fbs.org/ministries/missions/1714-2/-

Miracle Hill Ministries-(864) 268-4357       www.miraclehill.org

Carolina Pregnancy Center – 864-582-4673    http://carolinapregnancy.org/

The SonShine Club-864-804-5106   http://www.sonshineclub

Overcomers (Addiction Recovery) Miracle Hill Ministries – https://miraclehill.org/overcomers/

Blending In Grace-864-699-4290    www.fbs.org/ministries/care-recovery


We cannot guarantee the same results that you are about to read. But we can promise that we will do our best to help you as we together follow God’s leading.

When I arrived the first thing that the counselor told me was that he was a Christian counselor who would use biblical principles but he would also use additional therapeutic counseling techniques. After a couple of weeks my wife started coming with me in an effort to help us communicate better with each other. I would certainly recommend the counseling services at First Baptist Spartanburg to others.

My husband and I came to counseling because we were on the verge of divorce for several reasons, including infidelity. I honestly didn’t have much hope of things working out. Our time in counseling not only saved our marriage but our spiritual lives. Thank you so much for this ministry.

My daughter started attending sessions at New Day when the sports team she was on ended! The lack of structure in her day combined with several other issues caused her to stray from her relationship with God! We continued attending our church and was led to First Baptist New Day Counseling! It has been a blessing to us and our daughter. 


I began counseling in order to get help with an addiction to opioids that had been an ongoing battle for 5-6 years. My repeated attempts to quit on my own, with no one’s help, had been unsuccessful. Counseling gave me a safe place to talk about my mental battles. It helped refocus my dependence on Christ and not my addiction. I would recommend, possibly even urge someone who is struggling, to seek counseling at First Baptist.

I had been having problems in my family life concerning my children and I had recently lost my mother, which made me feel sad and depressed. After struggling for a while I realized I needed help. I believe the Lord sent me to New Day Counseling at First Baptist. Now, not only am I doing better emotionally, but also spiritually. I have a much stronger and closer relationship with the Lord.

I brought my daughter to New Day originally for grief counseling! After the unexpected death of her father I wanted her to work through her feelings and develop new ways to cope. After starting counseling sessions there have been multiple other issues arise with school. These things have also been addressed and worked through. Counseling has helped my daughter understand that bad things can and will happen, but Jesus will be with us to help us through these tough times. My sweet friend attends First Baptist Spartanburg and referred us here and I am so thankful that she did!


My fiancé and I wanted to get marriage counseling before our wedding. Our counselor at First Baptist led us through a Christ-centered counseling curriculum. We found our counseling sessions as an invaluable asset that we will have to draw from as we spend the rest of our lives together.


Dr. Keith Phillips

Dr. Keith Phillips

New Day Counseling Director

Dr. Keith Phillips DMin., LPC, is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor. His therapy style is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy integrated with a biblical worldview; he is also certified as a Prepare and Enrich Marriage Counselor and an Anger Management Specialist.

More About Keith

Keith has worked with substance abuse clients at Miracle Hill Ministries and The Forrester Center. Prior to receiving his Doctorate of Ministry from North Greenville University, he received his Master of Arts in Professional Counseling and Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Liberty University. Keith also serves as Single Adults Minister (ages 40+) at First Baptist Spartanburg.

Dr. Keith Phillips’ services include:

Premarital / Marital • Divorce • Career Guidance • Pornography • Grief & Loss • Anger • PTSD • Substance Addiction • Single Parenting • Blended Families • Anxiety & Depression • Coping Skills • OCD


 Keith offers (fee based) individual and group supervision for graduate level counseling students and LPC Associates interested in obtaining licensure in SC.

Deandra Comer

Deandra Comer

Student Counselor / Girls Ministry Director

Deandra Comer received her Master of Arts in Professional Counseling from Liberty University and is pursuing her state licensure certification. Deandra counsels with preschoolers, young girls, boys, and ladies. She can be reached at 699-4441 and DComer@fbs.org

More about Deandra

Deandra’s training experience includes work at Middle Tyger Community Center, Miracle Hill Ministries, and in the public school system. She also serves in our student’s ministry here at First Baptist working with girls.

Deandra Comer’s services include:

Premarital / Marital • Eating Disorders • Career Guidance • ODD • Grief & Loss • Anger • PTSD • Addictions • Sexual Abuse • Blended Families • Anxiety & Depression • Coping Skills 

Norma Lynn Phillips

Norma Lynn Phillips

New Day Counseling Office Manager

Norma Lynn Phillips is the office manager, “communication hub” of New Day Counseling, scheduling appointments, sending forms, and providing office support. She has also served in First Baptist Preschool and Missions Ministry. She takes joy in connecting with and helping people, which is why she loves working with New Day!