It’s Christmas: A Wonderful Time To Worship

Dec 10, 2020 | Uncategorized

Keith Phillips, DMin, LPC, LPC-S

It is just a fact of life that most of us throughout the year are very, very busy. Even those that may not have the demanding hectic schedules, one must still deal with all the busy and world friction around them. We are all occupied or overwhelmed in some manner. For several years Christmas has been a time that I have been able to unwind, decompress, chill out, get it together, think, or any other adjective, adverb, noun, or pronoun that is synonymous.

For me it is the most practical time because it is the end of the year. In my cognitive wiring it is a cutoff point, even if I have issues that I know will carry over into the coming year. I get to sit still and breathe in my soul, I get to soak in the hallowness of my Savior. It is my brief season of spiritual and emotional composure. It is a time when I am reminded by God of all the important things I hear from Him on the fly in the past 12 months. It is a time when I get to focus on His matchless love for humanity. This God, the only true living God seems to become so wonderfully present. I look forward to this each year.

I can’t explain why Christmas has been this way for me, but I am glad that it has been. Maybe this special time happens because God looks forward to it also. It is a time for me to genuinely reflect on my blessings. God is so good to us. I know life at times can be so hard to endure. It just seems that this is the time of the year to run toward Him, to look at the manger, to wonder at the amazement that the Creator of all that we can comprehend would come to earth for us. How does one understand that? It can only be a love that we cannot understand but are invited to accept and enjoy for eternity. It is God’s gift to us, to you. Rejoice, rejoice, in our hearts that lowly we are loved by the King of Kings.

I am glad that the Lord has allowed me to share this with you, writing it never crossed my mind until the last two days. Maybe the Lord did this just for you. He does love you and it is Christmas, a wonderful time to worship.