Helpful ADHD Guidance

Dec 10, 2020 | Uncategorized

Problems with Internalization of Faith Arising from ADHD:

  • Kids struggle to maintain a spiritually disciplined life
  • More difficulty meditating quietly upon God
  • May give up on Bible study when it becomes tedious
  • Difficulty delaying immediate gratification for long-term spiritual outcomes


Problems with Stability of Spiritual Growth Arising from ADHD:

  • Poor self-regulation increases vulnerability to negative environmental influences.
  • Tend to have intense spiritual experiences at VBS, camp, mission trips that fade when spiritual context is gone.
  • More prone to “roller-coaster” spirituality.
  • Shunned for volunteer, leadership opportunities if perceived as undisciplined, disorganized.
  • Drawn to religious contexts that are more participatory, action-oriented, relational (better doing than talking.)

Ministry Strategies for Persons with ADHD: Discipleship

  • Church and parents as partners in teaching kids about God.
  • They’ll learn and retain more in 1:1, small group situations.
  • Ministry resources need to be sent directly to parents…role for technology?
  • Where can they be involved in meaningful service?
  • Connecting them with others in the church is especially important.
  • Break Scripture into smaller, manageable parts.
  • Study guide format for sermon notes.
  • Small groups offer multiple accountability partners.
  • Where can they be involved in meaningful service?
  • You have to remind them if you want them to come – children/teens/adults.






What Can I Do to Help Someone I Love With ADHD Come to Faith, Grow In Faith

  • Spend time with your child one on one or as a family praying together, studying the Bible  together.
  • Make Jesus, Scripture interesting by sharing from your experiences.
  • Seek opportunities for your child to serve in ways that fit their talents, gifts.
  • Attend church regularly.
  • Invite them to church (or remind them to come).
  • Go with them to a church where they’re more likely to have a positive experience.
  • Pray, study the Bible, serve with them.
  • Connect them to others in the church who will accept them, follow up with them. My child: My spouse, sibling, friend![1]


[1] Stephen Grcevich, “Helping Kids with ADHD to Grow Spiritually” (PowerPoint slides, Key Ministry Presented at Parkside Church, Green Campus Uniontown, Ohio February 24, 2014) (accessed November 14, 20) (accessed November 14, 20)