E P I C ?


EPIC Downtown is a movement of JHS and HS students in Spartanburg to gather for community and build real relationships around great music, free food, some * ridiculous * crowd games, an uplifting message, and more. We are meeting on some key dates throughout the semester, so don’t miss the dates below.
WHY? Because life is epic when you do it together. Because now is the time you build friendships and relationships to launch you forward in life. Because, when you look back after journeying on to college or chase your career of choice, it’s not going to matter who posted what, who hung out with what group, who wore what, played on what team, or who got the most likes and follows. What will matter is where you ended up and the people who cared enough to journey with you. Journey with us.

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‘Tis the season for masks and candy, but let’s be honest: we tend to wear different masks year-round. Join us for free food, live music, crazy games and giveaways as we talk about what it means to be REAL in a world full of masks.

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Do you have what it takes to win the School Spirit Challenge? Join us for a night of friendly competition with live band, games, free food, and more.