In celebration of Good Friday, we have put all the secret videos together below for your family to enjoy! Have a blessed Easter Sunday!

About The Hunt

Welcome to! For this year’s Egg Hunt, we hid 7 giant eggs around Spartanburg for your family to find, scan the secret code, and do activities together—all without leaving your car. You can do this all in one trip, or break it up over a few days. The Upstate Egg Hunt eggs will be set up around town starting April 5.

EGG #1

Let’s begin the journey right here. To the House of God should your car steer. We WELCOME you to our parking lot, down the hill and you’ll find the right spot.


First Baptist Spartanburg Welcome center lower parking lot.

EGG #2

“Que, so-” you want the next clue? Down Union street look right, and you’ll know
what to do. Here they know how to really fiesta, after you eat you will need a siesta.


Broncos off Union Street parking lot.

EGG #3

A little bit spicy and a little bit sweet. Head back to the corner of Pine and
Henry Street. They have the best burgers and baklava, look for the wavy awning for this iconic “Ma and pa”


Sugar and Spice

EGG #4

Still a little hungry? We know how to help you. Down East Main Street you go
like the SUBmarines do. One is not enough, you’re going to want TWO. Follow our directions, lettuce help you.


Sub Station II off of East Main Street

EGG #5

What can we say about this next place, they have it all, Meat and three to a yummy
veggie plate. Take your car towards Business 85, keep looking right it’s not a long drive!


Wades parking lot.

EGG #6

Give them your order and they’ll CALL IT UP, you will get “a’plenty” and a Styrofoam cup. Look for a LIGHTHOUSE for safety at sea, or if you’re in Spartanburg and need a sweet tea!


The Beacon parking lot near the lighthouse.

EGG #7

In times of need to this place you go, from food and diapers to shoes and clothes.

A street of Green is your next stop. If you CAN, bring something to drop!


THE BRIDGE: 317 Green Street, Spartanburg