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I feel incredibly broken, I have this really good friend and I blew the chances of us having a chance together. I pray that we have a second chance because we get along so well and he knows me better than I know myself sometimes but another problem is that he lives across the country. I need this second chance to visit him and see if there is anything there or if I should let it go but he's stubborn and I need God to help me with this request. Apart of me fears that I may actually have deeper feelings than I'd like to admit but can't even look into them not knowing. All my life I have had these types of relationships where I get to know a man but then he goes away without another word, it makes me feel like I'm worthless, not good enough or if I just imagined it all. I'm really struggling and don't want another "what if" or left without closure. So please help pray for me by asking and begging the Lord that I receive this second chance so I can continue my walk. I really need this help I feel alone sometimes like when I pray I feel like God isn't listening or around even though I know he is but it feels like I'm alone in this world since I moved to a brand new place 2 years ago for a job that I don't love. I'm pleading for this opportunity to feel and see his work. Please help me with this prayer. I'm struggling so bad because if there is chance that he could be apart of my future then I should look into jobs by him not somewhere else, I'm looking for this career change already but I want to know if I have a future with this Godly man. Please I need this I feel so lost and alone here, he makes me happy and truly myself which I haven't felt in a very long time. It's such a selfish prayer and I keep asking for forgiveness for it but in a way I need this to help either have happiness by getting close to him through the Lord or finally have closure for once in my life. Please keep praying for me, I can't keep going through this life feeling all this pain and loneliness.

Received: June 9, 2019

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