Local Serve Opportunities


• Operation Christmas Child

(Spartanburg, SC)

Novemeber 15-22, 2021


Fill a shoebox with gifts for a child living in poverty overseas! In addition to receiving the boxes prepared by FBS members throughout the month of November, our church will serve as a local collection site for 2-4 hours per day during collection week.

• Bridge Builders

(Spartanburg, SC)

Whatever your skill set, the Construction Ministry has a place for you, with plenty to do!  Some examples include wheelchair ramps, replacement windows and doors, painting, minor renovations. Contact Jim Barrett at 47bb2sc@gmail.com for more information.

• Refuge

(Spartangurg, SC)
A student in high school or college? Spend a fall, winter, or spring break serving the Lord around the country! Trips are focused in a variety of areas such as evangelism, poverty, internationals, etc.

• The Bridge

(Spartangurg, SC)

The Bridge provides needed resources like food and clothes to families in need. The Bridge is open daily, Monday through Thursday, 9 AM to Noon.  Attend The Bridge Orientation (317 Green Street, Sptbg, SC  29306) to discover how you can plug in!  Monthly:  Every Second Wednesday at 5 pm OR Every Fourth Thursday at 12 pm.

• The Bridge Kids & Bridge Scholars

(Spartangurg, SC)

Contact Angela Springsteen at aspringsteen@fbs.org to be a part of this growing afterschool program for children and middle schoolers in the Northside.

• Overflow: Thanksgiving

(Spartangurg, SC)

Overflow provides a box of food designed to feed a family a Thanksgiving meal, plus some extra items to get the children through the holidays. You can fill a food bag (a list is available) and/or participate in the distribution.

Opportunities to volunteer October and November.  Contact Valerie Forsberg at vforsberg@fbs.org to volunteer.

• Disaster Relief

Be a part of one of the largest disaster response teams in the US. Help people with food and debris clearing following major natural and manmade  emergencies. Visit www.scbaptist.org to sign up for Disaster Relief Training.

BADGE RENEWAL:  If your badge expires in 2021, you are urged NOT to register and attend classes this year, to help keep class sizes down. You may drop by the training just to get a badge made, or renew by emailing debbieroyson@scbaptist.org.  Those with long-expired badges should attend training classes to renew.

Upcoming Trainings:

April 17, 2021 – Brushy Creek Baptist Church, Easley
Aug. 24, 2021 – Location TBA

Oct. 9, 2021 – Lake Murray Baptist Church, Lexington

Short Term (1-2 weeks)


• Burg2Burgh

(Pittsburgh, PA)

Partner with Rob, working with church plants on –

Block Party for church outreach:

  • Canvas neighborhoods with flyers and prayer walk.
  • 4-5 families needed.
  • Team will have hotel accommodations.

• Send Relief

(Clarkson, GA)
Join alongside Send Relief clarkston to meet needs, build relationships, and change lives. Clarkston is one of the most diverse cities in America where 60-70% of the population is foreign-born, over 50 countries and over 100 distinct ethnic groups are located within 1.4 square miles.

• Gen Send

A student in high school or college? Spend a fall, winter, or spring break serving the Lord around the country! Trips are focused in a variety of areas such as evangelism, poverty, internationals, etc.


•Jordan Camera Project


Partnering with the CMA church to teach refugees photography skills.

  • Teach photography classes.
  • Visit in the homes of students.
  • Encourage new believers in home visits and Bible studies.

•Canada: Summer

(Alberta, Canada)

Partner with Coulters to reach local reserve community.

  • SUMMER CAMP: July 18-25 – Team of up to 6 to serve as cabin leaders.
  • COMMUNITY OUTREACH – On reserve in Brocket. A week of daily outreach to kids targeted for camp.  Host a “Fun Factory” where team connects with families through creative activities.  Personal visitation to homes of these kids and parents in the evening.  This week would also involve service opportunity in the community to an elder or single mother (yard cleanup, small construction, etc.).  Prayer walks as well. Team will have hotel accommodations.
  • CONSTRUCTION – Building a 30×40 shop and expand/develop riding arena and barn.  

•Southeast Asia: Late Summer

Partnering with Todd & Jenn to prayer walk and share the gospel with locals.

  • Team of 4 – 5 needed.
  • Team will have hotel accommodations.

Jerusalem Prayer Center:  Fall

Partnering with the Osbrinks and other groups.

  • Visiting local Workers for encouragement and prayer, prayer walking, site tour with prayer.
  • Team will have hotel accommodations.

Central Asia: Spring-Fall

Team of 2 – 4 to partner with Paul and Stephanie for ministry work in Central Asia.

  • Evangelism, ethnography, prayer walking, distribution trip (Spring, Summer, Fall).
  • Member Care Trip: Team to come intentionally pour into worker families alongside weekly ministry (Anytime).
  • Ethnomusicology Team: Assist with theological training in Z worship writing (Dates depending on Team).
  • Summer Jet Skiing and Winter Skiing for Zs: Team will meet Zs and share the gospel by way of outdoor sports.
  • Ladies Henna Trip: Team will learn to do henna, travel to areas to meet Zs and use it to share gospel. 
  • Graphic Art Trip: Team to give more detailed training to a few local Zs that do graphics for work.
  • Teams members will stay with ministry partner or have hotel accommodations.

Central Asia:  Fall

Partner with Cameron and catch a vision of God’s heart for the people and how He is moving in this country.

  • Participants will experience on-going projects, like carpet weaving.
  • Special skills such as videography or photography would be utilized.
  • Connect with other teams being led in the word, worshipping, and praying together for locals.
  • Team members will stay with ministry partner.

Mid Term (2 months – 2 years)


• Gen Send

Offered in 6 week and 8 week options, Gen Send is designed for students (19-25) who wish to live their life on mission through serving alongside church planters and compassion ministries in order that the gospel may be spread!


• Nehemiah Teams

Nehemiah Teams is committed to sending this generation to every nation! Anyone 18-26 can be a part of the missionary task of making disciples during a 52 day assignment under the leadership of an IMB worker.

• IMB Fusion

(Gap Year)
The Fusion program is a Gap Year program for high school graduates wanting to serve overseas in a variety of ways in different cultures around the world. Fusion is a mixture of training and global missions in order that the gospel might be known and made Known around the world!

Long Term (2 years – Career)


• Send Relief Journeyman

(2 years)
The Journeyman program gives recent college graduates the opportunity to serve full time at Send Relief ministry centers such as the one is Clarkston or in NAMB Send Cities such as Pittsburgh. Journeyman can be single or unmarried with no kids. Send Relief Journeyman may work in areas of poverty, refugees and internationals, foster care and adoption, human trafficking, crisis response and church planting.


• IMB Journeyman

The IMB journeyman program seeks to allow recent college graduates and young professionals (under 30) to serve overseas as missionaries for 2 years through engaging in the missionary task of evangelism, disciple making, and church planting.

• Career Missionary

While God calls all believers to proclaim the gospel, some are specifically called to serve and proclaim the gospel overseas as full-time Career Missionaries. There are many service opportunities and places around the world where the gospel is not known. Career Missionaries seek to bring the gospel to the ends of the Earth.


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Contact Byan Biggerstaff  for more information.


(864) 699-4309

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