A single woman who does not have adequate housing is vulnerable to exploitation, violence, rape, assault, and sex trafficking.

While there are homeless shelters in Spartanburg County for families, there is only one that houses single women. Individual women are among the fastest growing population of homeless and there are not many resources for them. With nowhere to go and their basic needs not met, these women are seeking refuge in unsafe places.

Many women are displaced because of domestic violence, illness, addiction, mental illness, lack of education or training, losing employment, and lack of affordable housing.

Women experiencing this may have the chance to stay in a shelter for a period of time, but it is sometimes not long enough to ensure future sustainability in a home or apartment.


BridgeWay Village will be a transitional housing program specifically for single women to assist them as they transition out of homelessness or a temporary shelter and into their own home or apartment.

This tiny house village will provide the tools needed for lifelong growth. While in our program residents will have the opportunity to take classes, learn financial skills, strengthen their mental health, and cultivate their employment skills and abilities.

BridgeWay Village connects at risk women with housing, hope, and healing in the name of Jesus Christ.

It is called BridgeWay Village because we are directing them to The Way (John 14:6). We believe the only real change in our lives comes from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and submission to the Holy Spirit.


There will be six different aspects of the program that will help residents grow in all areas of their lives.

While in the program, residents will take classes within these categories. These could include, budgeting, counseling, exercise, Bible studies, relationship building, and employment skills.


  • The first few weeks of the program will have specific core classes for every resident to participate in. These including money management, emotional wellbeing, and relationship building.
  • Residents will have their own “Individual Success Plan” (ISP) which will guide their goals and progress while in the program.
  • Residents will have the opportunity to complete their GED, or get a certification through partnerships and support of our local education centers.
  • Job training and employment skills will support residents in their job hunt for sustainable, long term careers and fulfilling employment.
  • 12-month program


  • Each resident will have a personal counselor, case manager, and mentor
  • Residents will be responsible for keeping their homes and the village clean and tidy
  • When the garden is developed, they will work to keep the garden growing well
  • They will have the opportunity to volunteer at the Bridge at Green street
  • Community meals and counseling will be a regular occurrence


(Aerial View)
(Aerial View Sketch)
House Design Sketches (190 sq ft and 230 sq feet)
(Interior Design Sketch)


  • Designs drafted by Adam Flynn of Mcmillian Pazdan Smith Architecture

  • Estimated single unit housing cost $30,000-$40,000

  • 20 one-bedroom 190 sq ft tiny houses, 3 two-bedrooms 230 sq ft houses on Brawley Street
  • 1-3 handicap accessible houses
  • Each house will be equipped with a shower, toilet, sink, small kitchenette, table with chairs, twin bed, storage space, and porch.
  • Gate and fence will be built surrounding the site
  • Single driveway like road across the whole property for emergency vehicles
  • We own 4/6 lots needed. The old house beside Cobb Hall will be demolished


  • Add a community center with a teaching kitchen and public gathering space, classrooms, and private meeting rooms for counseling
  • A community garden
  • Parking lot
  • Possible purchase of a full size house near site for resident manager



  • Thanking God for all he has done at the Bridge thus far
  • The partnerships developed with secular non-profits such as United Way of the Piedmont, Northside Development Group, and the City of Spartanburg
  • The partnerships developed with faith-based organizations such as SWITCH, Miracle Hill, and Spartanburg Interfaith Hospitality Network (SPIHN)
  • Community wide support of the project


  • That they would meet Jesus
  • Their emotional and physical wellbeing
  • Access to shelter and housing
  • Strength to fight addiction
  • Safety from violence


  • God’s protection against obstacles and opposition
  • Wisdom for the staff about big decisions
  • Strength for the staff and encouragement in the Spirit to keep moving forward


  • God would give us those two lots needed to complete the plans
  • The old house to be torn down and that God would provide the funds to do so
  • Houses sponsored by individuals, groups, or businesses


  • Wisdom about the program requirements and application process
  • Strengthened community partnerships
  • Wisdom and discernment about the curriculum being taught
  • Employment opportunities for residents
  • That the program will be tailored to each individual uniquely but also to the whole group

Thank you for joining us in prayer for BridgeWay Village. We are excited to see God move in big ways and use this village to impact the lives of women in our city!

To get involved please contact Madison Biggerstaff @ mbiggerstaff@fbs.org or call 864-699-4316