Do I Have Any 2:00 AM Friends?

Without preparation, our serving and engaging are empty. LIFE groups and discipleship groups prepare us to grow in our relationships with God. We serve from an overflow of that relationship.

A word of testimony...

Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace course caused several families to rethink their family budgets. 

Kristi and Jim Bowen realized childcare expense was tremendous. They didn’t want to compromise the care of their three children as they were very pleased with the quality of care they received.   
One day a friend volunteered to babysit. When Kristi returned home from work, she approached Jim. “I felt so good about Elizabeth taking care of Addi. I wish we could find someone like that to babysit a few days a week. I would feel like we were being better stewards of our finances,” she said.
Jim and Kristi began to pray, mentioning to God that Elizabeth was exactly the kind of person they wanted to take care of their children. Elizabeth loved keeping Addi. When husband Chris got home that night Elizabeth said, “I really enjoyed keeping Addi. Do you think Kristi would let me keep her more?” Chris and Elizabeth had been praying for a way to increase their finances since they began Dave Ramsey’s course. Elizabeth liked being at home but needed to contribute to the family’s budget.
 “Why don’t you give Kristi a call,” Chris said.
Elizabeth dialed Kristi’s number and began. “Kristi, I don’t know if you have ever considered a different arrangement for your children but I would really like to babysit more. I just thought I would ask…”  
Kristi couldn’t believe what she heard. She and Jim had prayed for someone like Elizabeth to keep their children and now Elizabeth herself had called to volunteer. God answered their prayer before they had even acted on it.  
In preparing themselves for ministry, God answered the prayers of two precious young families.

In order to be well-rounded disciples of Christ, we should participate in some aspect of each of those four words. If any of the four parts becomes weighted too heavily, the imbalance will make us ineffective in our individual ministries.

All of the ministries at First Baptist are designed to help us use our God-given abilities to serve others or to equip us to engage our worlds in a meaningful way—everywhere we go, with everyone we meet.