Manuscript Critiques

 Manuscript Critique Guidelines

Critique fee is $35 before the conference, $50 at the door


Are you interested in taking your writing to the next level? A good way to determine if you are ready for publication is by submitting your manuscript for critique. Some shy away from having a manuscript evaluated, but if you are serious about improving your writing and achieving publication, a manuscript critique is an important step in the process. And it is a great way to learn from a professional what mistakes you are making in your writing. We look forward to helping you.


  • Critiques are available for both pre-published and published writers.
  • You must register and pay for the conference in order to submit a manuscript for critique.
  • The critique fee is $35.00 per manuscript (if sent before the conference or $50 at the door) and includes comments on your manuscript and a 15-minute private appointment with your critiquer.
  • Manuscript format: double spaced, (unless noted below), Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri font, one side of the paper. Do not bold, italicize, or use all caps for emphasis.
  • You may submit your manuscript prior to the conference via email to Please write "CCWC Manuscript Critique Submission" in the subject line. Payment can be made by mailing a check or by checking the box on the registration page. Unless we receive a check or get confirmation of your payment, your manuscript will not be processed.
  • Submissions must fit the following criteria. If submissions are longer than the specified guidelines, the critique will not extend beyond the amount listed below.


Devotions: (limit of four - no longer than two pages each)

Poetry: three poems or three pages

Articles: up to 1500 words

Nonfiction book: outline and first 10 pages

Nonfiction book proposal: single-spaced complete proposal

Novel: single spaced synopsis (no more than two pages) and first 10 pages (a prologue is included in this page count)

Novel proposal: single-spaced proposal and synopsis

Short stories (fiction): up to 2000 words

Personal experience story (nonfiction): up to 1500 words

Bible Studies: outline (single spaced) and up to 10 pages

Children's picture book: entire book

Children's chapter book: synopsis and up to 10 pages


Most critiquers have limited the number of manuscripts they will critique so you are urged to send your submissions ahead of the deadline.


A few critique submissions will be accepted at the registration desk at the beginning of the conference based on critiquer availability. The fee for walk-in critiques is $50.00.