Sermon Outline

HIS LIFE MY LIFE                                       

If No One Knows

Matthew 24; 36-44 (Genesis 6-7)

During the days of Noah
1. The population exploded
2. Immorality reigned
3. Corruption rampaged
4. Violence increased

Look at God
1. He is watching
2. He is grieving
3. He is preparing
    a. Eliminate the wicked
    b. Save the righteous

So, what did God do?
1. He raised up a godly man
2. He built an indestructable boat
3. He made an eternal covenant
4. He guaranteed an absolute security
5. He expected total obedience
6. He sent a catastrophic flood
7. He floated a unsinkable boat
8. He returned them to a brand new earth

This is what we must do:
1. Be watchful
2. Be ready