Sermon Outline

Neither Do I Condemn You

John 7: 43- 8:11


Five Facts about sin:

1. All have sinned
2. The least qualified will not condemn
3. The one most qualified will not be condemn
4. The Holy Spirit will convict you

This is what happened

1. Look at the Temple
2. Look at the religious people
3. Look at the law
4. Look at the woman
5. Look at the heart
6. Look at the older people
7. Look at the Savior
    a. Be free of condemnation
    b. Be sure of conviction

What condemnation does:
1. It reminds
2. It returns
3. It grows
4. It festers
5. It destroys

What conviction does:
1. It breaks
2. It holds
3. It calls
4 It enables
5. It makes