Life Group Listing

"My LifeGroup is a place where I can love & grow. It's shown me that many other people go through the same struggles as I do, and I don't have to go through life alone. I can be real with them and share all the day to day stuff I am going through while being there for other people.”  Sarah

Sunday Morning Adult Life Groups 

Sunday Morning LIFE Groups meet at 8:30 a.m., 9:30 a.m., and 11:00 a.m.

For information call the K. Hurry in the Adult Education Ministry Office at 699.4207. 


8:30 AM (age group in parenthesis)


Pastor John's Class (coed all ages)                             Chapel

Druell/Eason  (Coed-70+)                                                Room 142

Gowdy/Mann  (Coed-70+)                                                 Room 141

Dave Edwards (Men-70+)                                                 Room 135

Funk/Axmann/Morris (ladies-70+)                                   Room 147

Clark/Gardner (Coed-60+)                                                Room 133

Tony McMillan (Coed-60+)                                                 Room 132

Cox/Irvin (Coed-60+)                                                           Room 165b

Lana Mahaffey (ladies-60+)                                               Room 123

Kirkland (Coed-60+)                                                            Room 146

Cohen (Coed-40's and 50's)                                             Room 148


9:30 AM (age groups in parenthesis)

Ford/Harrison (Coed-40's and 50's)                               Hgr 319

Stuart Smith (Coed-40's and 50's)                                   Hgr 314

William Bland (Coed-40's)                                                 Hgr 318

Michael Jones (Coed-30's and 40's)                                Hgr 315

Derek Parks (Coed-30's and 40's)                                   Room 146

Mark Knight (Coed-30's and 40's)                                     Room 30

Louis & Casie DeRuvo (Coed-30's)                                  Hgr 312

Kyle Shuler (Coed-Singles-20's and 30's)                       Hgr 322

Colby & Lauren Morris (Coed-20's)                                   Room 14

Neal & Mary Beth Williams                                                   Hgr 232

Jeremy & Shae Wall (Coed-Newlyweds)                          165c

Ryan Gaddy (Coed-College)                                                 Hgr Cafe


11:00 AM (age group in parenthesis)


Michael Latzka (Coed-All Ages)                                             Dining Hall               

Lee Foster (Ladies-All Ages)                                                  Room 123

Helen Mayson/Kay Williams (Ladies-70+)                           Room 141

Kathi Long (Ladies-60+)                                                           Room 162

Wayne Crocker (Coed-50's and 60's)                                     Room 143

Richard Bell (Coed-50's and 60's)                                           Hgr 310

Steve Martin (Coed-50's and 60's)                                           Room 133

Donnie Solesbee (Coed-50's and 60's)                                  Room 148

Richard Key/Bill Wynn (Coed-50's and 60's)                           Room 142

Keith Cox/David Wise (Coed-50's and 60's)                            Hgr 319

David Holliday (Coed-55+)                                                           165

Joey Haney (Coed-50's)                                                                Hgr 318

Dunn/Bonds (Coed-50's)                                                               Room 146

John Warner (Coed-40's and 50's)                                               Room 270

Chuck Wallington (Coed-All Ages)                                                Room 240

Dewayne & Anna Davis (Coed-30+)                                              Room 233

Maurice Edwards (Coed-Singles 45+)                                          Room 160

Sherry Smith (Ladies-Singles 40+)                                                Room 164

P139 Special Needs Adults                                                              Room 144

Phil Bailey (Coed-Choir)                                                                    Room 135

Charlie Funk (Coed-Orchestra)                                                        Room 232


Home Life Groups

Chris & Leloni Smith (Coed 20's and 30's)                                     Mondays 6:00 pm

Deandra Kimbrell/Misty Huey (ladies-20's)                                      Mondays 6:00 pm (Single and Married)

Chris & Staci Gardner (Coed-30's)                                                     Tuesdays 6:00 pm

Neal & Mary Beth Williams (Coed-20's)                                             Tuesdays 6:00 pm

Bradley Barnes (Coed-Singles 20's)                                                  Tuesdays 6:00 pm

Cate Egan (Single ladies-20's)                                                            Tuesdays 6:00 pm