Preschool Division

Where Spiritual Foundations Begin!

A young child is like a blank canvas waiting for those first brushstrokes. During a child's early years, parents have the great responsibility of guiding and guarding what those brushstrokes will be.  We believe God has a specific and special plan for each child and in those early years of development each brushstroke on the canvas is vitally important! 

Spiritual foundations begin from the moment a child first senses the love and security provided through a cradled hug and soothing voice.  Babies, toddlers and older preschoolers learn about God's love and care through relationships with their parents and other care-givers. For this reason, we seek leaders the Lord has gifted to work with young children. We have a wonderful team of Life Group 4 Kids (LG4K), KidWorship!, AWANA, and M&M.  Interested in joining the team?  We welcome the opportunity to get to know you and help you discover the specific area you can serve God by helping develop spiritual foundations in preschoolers. 





Sunday Mornings           9:00am & 10:30am


Toddler 1s & 2s start the morning in Life Groups 4 Kids (LG4K) and then take part in SAY IT AGAIN, a rotation that allows each child to review the lesson while using their five senses in a variety of ways.

3K-5K Kids have the opportunity to participate in small groups (LG4K) where they begin to understand what it means to live to please God by obeying His Word.  And, they can participate in a large group (KidWorship!) where they begin to grasp what Worship really is (something you do, not somewhere you go) through praise music, group games, puppets shows, and lots of other fun activities.

BabyCare is available.


Sunday Evenings            5-6:30pm            September - May 




Puggles (2 year olds) and Cubbies (3&4 year olds) have fun beginning to memorize God's Word through songs, puppets, games, and rewards




5K Kids join 1st graders for Sparks - a totally fun experience memorizing God's Word!  [see Elementary Division for more details]

BabyCare is available.


Wednesday Evenings      6-7:30pm            September - May



Music & Missions               

Toddlers and 3K-5K Kids begin the evening in Music praising the Lord with their joyful voices and instruments!  Next, they begin to learn what it means to be a missionary as they "travel the world" during Mission Friends!

BabyCare is available.




preschool parent diner

Preschool & elementary parents, as well as all care-givers, are invited to join us as we serve encouragement on raising your children! This past fall, we had "Spending the Day with your Preschooler"; two guests joined us and taught on raising boys, followed by how to raise girls on Nov. 2nd. For our last session, we talked about praying for your children on Nov. 9th. Spring sessions are to be determined, but check back soon for more updates!

Childcare is provided.



Registration for the Fall of 2017 has begun! Call 699.4219 to find out more information

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