Am I close to someone who is far from God?

Unless we become completely committed to living out the four-part strategy, we are missing a great blessing. Ruthi Neely often drives through to get her favorite diet coke at McDonald's. That's where she met Susan.
    "You know, often we don't even take time to look the folks who are serving us in the eye. It is nice to get to know them when you encounter them frequently."
    Susan was a twin, a church attender and a former North Greenville University student. She had dropped out of school to work but Ruthi began to encourage Susan to return to her studies.
    Recently Ruthi missed seeing Susan at the drive through. When Susan returned, Ruthi told here she had missed her an Susan told Ruthi of her cousin's terrible accident.
    A few days later, Ruthi went to the hospital to visit a friend, When she looked around the ICU waiting room, there was Susan and her family. Because of Ruthi's ongoing relationship with her, Ruthi got to meet Susan family and reach out to them during this difficult time.  


In order to be well-rounded disciples of Christ, we should participate in some aspect of each of those four words. If any of the four parts becomes weighted too heavily, the imbalance will make us ineffective in our individual ministries.

All of the ministries at First Baptist are designed to help us use our God-given abilities to serve others or to equip us to engage our worlds in a meaningful way – everywhere we go, with everyone we meet.