Single Mom's Ministry

Single Mom’s Ministry

Hope and Help for the Single Mom

Most single moms are over-worked, under-paid and under-appreciated. Single moms all have different stories. Some are divorced; some never married; while others lost their husbands by death. But no matter how they became single mothers, they face the same struggles. Through the Single Mom’s Ministry we lend a hand to single moms and their families.


 Here’s how it works. We offer the following opportunities at the present time:



Mentors for Single Moms

 Relationships are important especially to single moms! We would love to provide an avenue for you to have a godly one-on-one relationship with a woman who can provide guidance and friendship as you walk through daily life. If you are interested in being paired with a mentor, or if you are interested in becoming a mentor to a single mom, please contact Kathy Hurry at or call 864-699-4207.