Staff Listing


  Full Time Team  
  Senior Pastor's Office 864.699.4317
Dr. Don Wilton Senior Pastor 864.699.4317
Debbie Young Assistant to the Senior Pastor 864.699.4317
Jimmie Davis Ministry Assistant (PT) 864.699.4318
  Administration Office 864.699.4225
David Dennis, Jr Church Administrator 864.699.4443
Melissa Martin Administrative Assistant 864.699.4225
Beverly Catoe Administration Office Secretary (PT) 864.699.4316
David Hill Facility Consultant 864.699.4328
Linda Pierce Receptionist(PT) 864.583.7245
  Facilities Office  
Don Patterson Facilities Manager 864.699.4234
  Finance Office  
Jane Willis Finance Office Manager 864.699.4204
Shirley Boyter Finance Office General Ledger Coordinator 864.699.4245
Vicky Page Finance Office Accounts Payables Coordinator 864.699.4291
Marie Humphries Finance Office Accounts Receivable Coordinator(PT) 864.699.4209
  Technology and Office Support  
Barry Bryson Office Support 864.699.4442
AJ Jones Technology Director 864.699.4201
  Associate Pastor's Office 864.699.4314
Sam Davis Associate Pastor 864.699.4315
Paula Nichols
Associate Pastor's Secretary 864.699.4314
  Children's Office 864.699.4308
Greg Springsteen Children's Minister 864.699.4217
Angie Crowley Children's Ministry Secretary 864.699.4308
Deandra Kimbrell Children's Ministry Assistant 864.699.4441
  College and Young Adults Office 864-699-4261
Phil Vander Ploeg Minister to College Students & Young Adults 864.699.4262

Jan Greene College and Young Adult Ministry Secretary(PT) 864.699.4261
  Education Office 864.699.4207
Eric Kuykendall Minister of Education 864.699.4206
Kathy Hurry Education Ministry Secretary 864.699.4207
Keith Phillips Associate Minister of Singles & Pastoral Care 864.699.4310
Sally Hughes Records Secretary(PT) 864.699.4251
Shae Wall Membership Secretary(PT) 864.699.4208
  Media Office 864.699.1767
Britt Dillard Media Minister 864.699.1752
Sam McSwain Media Ministry Secretary 864.699.1767
Michele Brady Media Ministry Associate 864.699.1751
Jamey Thompson Associate Media Minister
Marie Scott Media Ministry Assistant 864.699.1754
Nate Mimms Media Ministry Assistant 864.699.1773

  Missions Office 864.699.4321
Steve Wise Missions Minister 864.699.4320
Norma Lynn Phillips Missions Ministry Secretary 864.699.4321
Valerie Forsberg Missions Ministry Assistant of The Bridge 864.699.4324
Lucy Sizemore Missions Ministry Assistant 864.699.4322
Kimmy Lamee Director of Local MPACT(PT) 864.699.4323
Sallie Ruth Helping Ministries Center Director 864.699.4267
  Music Office 864.699.4212
Steve Skinner Music Minister 864.699.4213
Jim Hembree Music Ministry Associate 864.699.4232
Jarod Espy Assistant Worship Leader 864.699.4228
Teresa Holliday Music Ministry Associate 864.699.4239
Charlie Miller Music Ministry Associate 864.699.4214
Denise Hembree Music Ministry Children's Choir Coordinator(PT) 864.699.4212
  Pastoral Care Office 864.699.4211
Sal Barone Pastoral Care & Senior Adults Minister 864.699.4205
Wanda Babb Pastoral Care Ministry Secretary 864.699.4211
Bob Neely Associate Minister of Pastoral Care 864.699.4332
  Preschool Office 864.699.4216
Martha Blackstone Director of Preschool Ministries 864.699.4244

Cheryl Hill Weekday School Director 864.699.4219
Cindy Miller Weekday School Assistant Director 864.699.4231

  Recreation Office 864.699.4221
Eddie Robertson Minister of Recreation and Evangelism 864.699.4220
Susi Smith Recreation Ministry Secretary 864.699.4221
Corey Sizemore Recreation Ministry Assistant 864.699.4302
  Student Office 864.699.4224
Seth Buckley Student Minister 864.699.4226
Rhonda Lanford Student Ministry Secretary 864.699.4224
Matt Kuhn Associate Minister of Students 864.699.4228
Jacob Comer Student Ministry Assistant 864.699.4271

  (PT) refers to Part Time Employees